Meet Independent Medicare Specialist, Jane Lubershane. Jane helps provide her clients with the knowledge and information needed to make important decisions about their Medicare plans. With over 10 years of knowledge, Jane does her best to provide excellent service to Lake and Porter County Residents.

“My job is to explain Medicare. It can be complicated, so my job is to simplify it for my clients,” Jane says in her interview with Lynda Anderson owner of Boulder Bay Realty and Founder of The Lynda Anderson Team. “It’s my job to make sure that the customer really understands it, and so I take my time. I don’t leave until I know that they have a firm grasp of what they have and what they are entitled to right here in Lake and Porter County,” says Jane

Her services vary. She explains that she can help one client understand a bill they have received in the mail one day, and on the next help someone find a plan that better suits their needs. “Once they’re a client of mine, they’re a client of record, and it’s my job to service them … if they have a problem, it’s my problem too,” she says. Whatever trouble you are facing, Jane is there to help.

She also prides herself in her customer service and is willing to come to a client’s house if she is needed. “I’m here local, so whenever they have a problem, they can call me up, and I’ll go right over,” Jane says. She puts the customer first and makes sure their needs are met.

“I really am a firm believer that it’s better to have a local Medicare broker that works for you instead of having to deal with a 1-800,” says Jane. It allows her to provide prompt care to her customers without any confusing automated phone call. “I am the 1-800 number. You call me, and I’ll take care of it,” she says.

Her services are free for her customers too. She explains that she is regulated by the government and that her fee is paid by the insurance company, not the client.
So, if you or anyone you know are struggling to understand your Medicare plan or just have questions, give Jane a call and she would be happy to help.

Phone Number: 219-201-0227