Meet Jesus Lopez & Nickolas Alonzo, owners of Sweet-N-Smooth in Valparaiso. Sweet-N-Smooth is the perfect place to satisfy any sweet tooth. Their shakes and smoothies are packed full of flavor and bring a whole new meaning to the word dessert. Stuffed with candies, cookies, fruit, syrups, and tons of other sugary delights, the shakes at Sweet-N-Smooth never disappoint.

Even though Sweet-N-Smooth just opened, they sure are making quite the stir in Valpo with their amazing desserts. “We like to call them exotic shakes because you don’t really see things like that around this area. We kind of wanted to set ourselves apart from the competition,” said owner Jesus Lopez in an interview with Lynda Anderson, owner of Boulder Bay Realty Group and founder of The Lynda Anderson Team. He and his co-owner, Nickolas Alonzo, have been working hard to get Sweet-N-Smooth up and running.

“For the past two almost three years we’ve been creating the menus, the recipes, doing our market research, trying to find a location, and pretty much doing all construction and stuff like that,” explained Jesus. Their hard work has paid off. They have created a unique menu of incredible shakes and smoothies and have created a friendly atmosphere that has people coming back in for both the excellent service and the tasty treats.

What sets them apart is definitely their menu. “Our shakes, they’re not usual shakes. They’re over the top super fancy shakes. The same with our smoothies. You can add a combination of any toppings you want, candy or fruit,” said Jesus. “Sometime we feel a little bad handing over this huge cup of different kinds of desserts, and they have to drink the milkshake too,” said Nickolas. “But I know for me, when I hand over a drink and I see the little kids faces and even the adults…” Jesus interjected, “We get excitement from their excitement.”

They also serve some fabulous Lattes for those who need a quick caffeine pick-me-up. “Usually, it’s the mom. They bring in their whole little tribe of ten kids, five kids and they’re like okay I don’t need a milkshake, they’re getting the milkshakes, I need the caffeine,” said Nickolas.

They are also continuing to grow their business. “We’re getting into mobile ordering and Door Dash soon here so that way we can accommodate the people a little bit farther out that don’t want to make the drive,” Jesus explained. They will also have coupons, reward programs, and even specials coming up soon, according to Nickolas.
The next time you are in Valpo, stop by and try one of their delicious shakes or smoothies. They are packed full of tasty treats and are sure to put a smile on your face.

Phone Number: 219-308-0212
Address: 219 Indiana Ave Suite B, Valparaiso
Instagram: @sweetnsmotth219