Meet Robyn Walsworth, owner of Rocket Fizz in Valparaiso. Rocket Fizz is chock full of different fun flavored sodas and tasty candy treats. It’s your one shop stop for everything sweet. The colorful confections, fizzy drinks, and fun gifts make this unique shop the perfect place for anyone!

On her way to visit colleges, owner Robyn fell in love with the Rocket Fizzes she found. She talked to the people running the stores and took pictures so that she could bring the idea back home to Northwest Indiana. ““We went in and just thought it was the most adorable place and loved all the old candies and sodas,” said Robyn in an interview with Lynda Anderson, owner of Boulder Bay Realty Group and founder of The Lynda Anderson Team. After taking some pictures, she went back home convinced that Rocket Fizz would be perfect in Valparaiso. And she was right.

Rocket Fizz is the kind of store that has something for everyone. “We try to get a variety of the old stuff. Some of the common stuff, because it’s just popular and people want it. You know, sometimes people just don’t want to be daring, so they want their hundred grand bar or whatever, their Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. But we try to do some European candies, Canadian candies, the Asian candies, and yeah so, we try to rotate those through to see what people like,” said Robyn. Out of the over 1,000 types of candy and 400 sodas they keep on hand in their shop, you’re bound to find something you like.

“Not everything is there all the time, because there are probably 20,000 items to choose from,” explained Robyn. So, you might want to keep checking in to see what kind of new flavors they have in.

They also keep some gift items, puzzles and other fun memorabilia items like the Dunde Award from the Office and Golden Girls Mints.

So, the next time you are in Valparaiso, stop by Rocket Fizz and explore all the different soda and candies they have available that week. There is something for everyone, including some of those older nostalgic candies from your childhood, and of course some of the newer and foreign varieties as well. They have so many fun flavors of soda as well.

Address: 157 Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN 46383