Meet Glennas Jones the Community Outreach Coordinator at New Creation Men’s Center & Resale Shop in Valparaiso. New Creation is a not-for-profit organization that helps to provide men who are struggling with homelessness with the tools they need to strive for a better life. By providing day programs, partnering with local churches and organizations, and running a vast resale shop funded exclusively by donations, they are touching the lives of many people and making a positive impact in the community.

Glennas explains that New Creation sprang to life in the midst of a coffee shop get-together where a group of Northwest Indiana pastors saw a need in their community and put into motion a plan to meet those needs.

Since then, New Creation has flourished. It provides care for those who, Glennas described as, “kind of down the line.” The programs at New Creation focus on helping men over the age of 18 get back on their feet.

New Creation currently has a day program where the men are with them from 7:00 am-6:30 pm. Afterwards, they are moved to one of the churches that our participating in the PADs program. These churches provide a safe space for the men to stay the night.

This partnership is a great way for New Creations and the churches to better provide for these men. “[There are] lots of benefits from it because we touch and we connect with so many people…,” Glennas said. Whether it’s volunteers or the men themselves, these programs are making a big impact in peoples’ lives.
Their resale shop is another way that New Creation is changing lives. They run on a voucher program. Each Voucher is for $100, but those at New Creation make sure everyone gets what they need no matter the actual cost. “It’s our way to pay [it] forward,” Glennas explained.

Those in need of their help can obtain a voucher by reaching out to their local trustee, the council for aging, or one of the many programs that help people around Northwest Indiana like, the Caring Place, Porter Starke, and The Family House. They all have vouchers on file for New Creation. Once you ask for a voucher, that agency will contact Glennas and set up an appointment with her.

The resale shop has a wide array of things in their warehouse including furniture, lamps, clothing, shoes, plates, and other home furnishing items. “Remember, none of this has been purchased, it’s all been given to us by generous people in Porter County,” said Glennas. “And so, when you come to our back door and say I have a donation, assume that it’s going to go into our inventory, but know that it’s maybe very well going to give somebody a hand up in their household.”

Donations are received daily Monday through Saturday until 4:30 pm at their very last bay door. Just drive up and a couple of gentlemen will help unload any donations you may have. They are always in need of new or slightly used toasters, lamps, irons, and other items used to furnish a home.

They also will pick up furniture with a scheduled appointment.

Glennas explains, “…the things that you donate here that you bring to us, you just don’t know where they move to but for some people it’s such a gift of restart.”

If you’re looking to make a donation or know someone who may need assistance, give New Creation Men’s Center and Resale Shop a call and help them make a difference in your community.

Phone number: 219-286-7061
Address: 2102 Calumet Ave, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Instagram: @newcreationresaleshop