Meet Financial Advisor, Daniel Delaney, founder of Seek & Find LLC. Daniel specializes in small business owners. He provides them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in their industry. Weather its tax help or planning retirement, Daniel can help his client through all aspects of their business needs.

“I never would have placed myself in the finance industry,” said Daniel in an interview with Brandon Long, real estate agent and member of The Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty Group. “It was really an answer to prayer that brought me into the financial services area.” Daniel explained. While financial advising wasn’t the career path Daniel saw himself exploring, it is now the only career he can see himself pursuing.

Financial advising, or as Daniel refers to it “financial planning”, has become his passion. “I just really want to help educate people on what’s a Roth IRA, what is a 401(k), what are the options within there, what does life insurance look like, term, permanent, you know what the heck is going on with all of this.” It’s become his goal to help business owners understand the complexities of their financial situations and to help them grow and meet their financial needs.

Daniel is there to help bring you and your business to its full potential. “My tagline is, “I want you to save and grow confidently,” said Daniel. It’s what his business is all about.

It’s the complexity and the challenge that really excites Daniel. No two clients are the same. One option may work for one client and might not for the next. “Everybody has a different set of clubs, if you would. Everyone needs a little bit different of a financial picture, and the complexity of that is what I really like and enjoy,” said Daniel.

If you’re a local business owner in need of some financial advice, give Daniel a call today. He can help you plan out the best financial plan for your business. But most importantly, he is dedicated to helping you “save and grow confidently.”

Phone Number: 219-316-9839